Mar 122014

Israel Blocks Palestine Involvement in Hunt for Missing Malaysia Airlines—Doesn’t Want Possible Survivors from Getting Weapons

By Mazin Sofian

guns and boatsGaza (Palestine)—Despite unrelenting appeal and protests from Palestinians who eagerly want to assist in the search and rescue for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370, Israel has blocked Palestinian boats from participating in the global mission for fear they may supply the passengers, if found, with weapons which they could use to wipe out Jerusalem .
The possibility of an attack by possible survivors of the 777 Boeing airplane, which inexplicably lost all communications this past Saturday at around 1:40 a.m. and vanished while on route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, was confirmed in a statement by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). As of Thursday morning, Palestinian ports were being monitored for departure and entrance.
“It is in our best interest to protect a possible strike on the capital by preventing left-wing factions of the Palestinian Authority to arm surviving passengers,” commented Mickey Rosenfield, Deputy Director of the Naval War Service. “We cannot take a chance of being the subject to atrocity if this were to happen.” Rosenfeld reaffirmed he would not take the rather bizarre scenario out of scope and considers it a legitimate threat.

“I think they’re nuts,” said Haythum Nashrawallah, Secretary-General for the Palestine National Security Forces. “We don’t have a Navy. We don’t have carriers to ship the weapons. All we have are fishing boats!” Nashrawallah commented the thought of possible survivors from a plane which disappeared 6 days ago would be miraculous. But the thought of arming them is literally insane. “So let me get this straight. On the boats that we currently have, Israel is concerned we may stockpile them with heavy artillery weapons? And then in the crazy possibility that if there are survivors of the flight, we’re going to train them with the weapons we give them so that they may strike Jerusalem? Yeah—that makes perfect sense.”

The IDF is now investigating Dolphin Terrorist Training

The IDF is now investigating Dolphin Terrorist Training

“I think the Gaza Flotilla incident has made us paranoid, since we never know what’s coming over here or going out,” said Ira Leibovitz, referring to the 2010 raid which Israel conducted on six ships destined from Turkey to Palestine that was sponsored by the Gaza Free Movement and the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief. While the event turned into a fiasco with accusations of onboard armed weapons and detained activists, the thought of foreign pro-Palestinian supporters brining anything over sounds dangerous. “We just don’t take chances anymore even if we’re going to be condemned for our actions. Weapons can be easily taken over by ship. It’s not hard to believe disgruntled survivors are pissed off because their flight went down and are likely to take it out on someone.” When questioned why anyone who survived a fateful plane crash would then want to go after a country they have no issues with, Liebovitz responded “I’m quite certain they will blame us.”
More than 1000 Arab-Americans demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy in Washington DC yesterday to condemn Israel’s refusal for Palestine to participate in the search and rescue, insisting the freedom to help others as their primary cause, but also stating the obvious.
“I still don’t understand the logic to it,” said Ed Saeedi, a civil rights attorney. “Why doesn’t Israel then assume that Palestine will train dolphins to swim out with Widowmakers on their backs and supply that to other people lost at sea?”
Saeedi’s comments were quickly picked up by global media outlets and reported back to the IDF who are now investigating dolphin terrorist training outside the southern Palestinian town of Rafah.

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