photoRising from the waters of Lakes Mendota and Monona, nestled on the shorelines of the University of Wisconsin at Madison which gave birth to the sensational Onion, another treasure upholds the journalism pillars of hard-hitting, objective, and honest information. Some people call it satire. We call it the truth.

The Okra is the original and finest source on Muslim news. Whether it’s political, entertainment, investigative or breaking, the Okra provides the latest coverage to satisfy your overloaded online obsessed head as much as a Newport Menthol on a brisk October evening.

With Pulitzer writers stationed worldwide and a Chicago staff dedicated to publishing the finest online content, the Okra represents the spirit of reporting much in the same path as Walter Cronkite, the McNeil Layer Hour, Charlie Rose and Anderson Cooper 360. However, it’s been noted by critics, despite our disagreement, The Okra reminds them of National Lampoon, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

In September of 2013, the Okra made its unique debut like a phoenix in an Indian summer sky with a passion for writing and a penchant to find the reality of life. Months later, we continue the tradition of intellectual and stimulating news intrigued by the world of misfits, social pariahs and the abnormal that congregate under the blanket of Islam and other spiritual religions. Like David Hasselhoff, we’re more than just a beautiful American who sings in German—we are a lifestyle to those who prescribe to our revelation of integrity. So enjoy……………..


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  1. I just came across the Okra–and laughed—pretty good spin off from the Onion:)

    do you look for contributors? i am a writer–would love to be a part!!!

  2. Is this just comical or actual news?

  3. Hello

    DGSE French services and Israel commit 9-11 and prepare the next terror attack in Europe.

    French government with CRIF and Israel are responsible of all terrorists attacks in the world during this 40 years.

    London, Casablanca, Madrid, MH370 false flag, Bruxelles, civil war in Algeria, centrafrique, Libya, syria….

    best regards

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